The project

Battery Institute

This cluster of projects aims to carry out high-level research on high-performance and secure battery and supercapacitor components, dedicated to energy storage by 2030 and beyond.

Particular attention will be given to promote solutions in terms of the scarcity of raw materials, circularity, and sustainability. The battery effort will focus on new generations of Li-ion batteries and high performance, reliable and safe Na-ion batteries.

The Battery Institute brings together all the experts in materials, surfaces and interfaces, catalysis, electrochemistry, energy, electrical and electronic engineering, simulation and digital engineering, design and sustainable production in the field of energy storage, working within universities and CRa of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Battery Factory


Battery Institute

High-level research within the Wallon-Brussels Federation


Battery Factory

Integration in agile production chains and common  infrastructure


Battery to market

Roadmap and technology transfer to the Walloon industrial network

This cluster of projects aims to integrate new battery and supercapacitor technologies into an agile production chain, considering the concepts of volume increase and covering design, assembly. rapid cells, management of energy storage and networking systems, quality tests, recycling as well as specific equipment and protocols for characterization according to standards, and certification. This latest state-of-the-art equipment could be located in an infrastructure common to all the partners with a view to making it available to industry in the form of service offers.



Battery to Market


Battery to Market aims to carry out technical-economic research into new technologies and energy management systems (EMS and BMS) including circularity, cycle analysis. life, price, profitability and economic, environmental and social impacts.  Through the mobilization of key players in the industrial world and research centers dedicated to battery and supercapacitor innovation at regional, federal and European level, Battery to Market will develop a differentiated, integrated and scalable roadmap, and will operationalize the transfer of knowledge and integration into the Walloon industrial network.


The BatteryWal project constitutes the starting point and the promise of broader multidisciplinary and intersectoral efforts in the field of energy storage, collective self-consumption and renewable energy communities.

BatteryWal is unique in Belgium thanks to recognized skills in the fields of sustainable materials and processes, assembly, metallurgy, electronics and smart interfaces, as well as the multitude of partnerships already in place with key players at regional, federal and international level.

This portfolio therefore plays a dynamic role in the creation of knowledge, concepts, methods and tools with a view to developing effective and sustainable solutions responding to the questions of Walloons. Ultimately, it will enable Walloon companies to strengthen the competitiveness of their current activities and develop new activities, sources of new jobs.

Philippe Degée

Project promoter, University of Namur

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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