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The UNamur is coordinating a future 2021-2027 FEDER portfolio entitled : “BatteryWal”, and aimed at mobilizing research and innovation capacities in Wallonia in the service of socio-economic development in the field of stationary electrical energy storage, collective self-consumption within the framework of renewable energy communities.

The future “BatteryWal” portfolio is supplied by the five French-speaking universities : UCLouvain, ULB, ULiège, UMONS and UNamur, and four approved research centers: CENAERO, MATERIA NOVA, CRM and CERTECH. It is structured around three pillars or clusters of projects in close interaction with companies across the energy storage value chain, collective self-consumption and renewable energy communities, Walloon operators, the technological platform A6K, the C3E2D portfolio and the key players, as detailed in the diagram.



Jean-François Gohy, Alexandru Vlad, Sorin Melinte, Emmanuel De Jaeger.


Rudi Cloots, Nathalie Job, Bertrand Cornélusse.


Patrick Hendrick, Michel Kinnaert.


Roberto Lazzaroni, Rony Snyders, François Vallée.


Bao-Lian Su, Stéphane Lucas, Guillaume Berionni.

Materia Nova

Fabrizio Maseri.



Catherine Archambeau.


François Collignon.


Cécile Goffaux.

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